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        G Bar C Western Wear started as an idea between mother and her kids. After spending years of shopping in top name cooperate owned western stores they decided to step out and open an online affordable women's western boutique. Starting with five hundred dollars and the idea they had their first live sale from the bedroom shared by the mother and daughter. The Glitzy Cowgirl was born and began to grow.  Soon it was apparent they could also dive into the kids' products and bring the western fashion to the up and coming. Soon after the need was exposed to carry men's items as well.

        Expanding into trade shows and local fair the growth allowed a store front to happen.  After the first year in the store, G Bar C Western, a family western store was created. 

        Donna (Mom) is the leader of the crew and also works as an emergency room nurse. Spending most of her life in the rodeo and ranching world allows her to bring in the type of items that promote the lifestyle and meet everyone's needs. 

        Krista (Sister) is the one in front of the camera most of the time. She is at the store full time and travels often to trade shows. She showed cattle throughout high school and then attended Tarleton University to study Agriculture Education. After college she moved back to Canton and has become a vital part of the family business. 

        Roddy (Bubba) is the voice behind the men stuff. He pushed from the beginning for caps, jeans, and boots. He is an over the road truck driver and the voice from afar. He played football throughout high and has stuck to his roots following in his grandfather's footsteps.