About us!!

The Glitzy Cowgirl, Pearl Snap Life and Loops & Lace is a Family owned and operated western themed boutique located in Canton Texas. The Glitzy Cowgirl started as a hobby for the owner, Donna, and has grown into a multi-faceted storefront boutique. Currently, this cowgirl is involved with social media, live sales, pop-up tradeshows and online shopping. The team has grown from a one-man show to a 8 person operation

Donna is the leader of the ship and before opening the boutique worked as an emergency room nurse across the country, traveling and completing short term contracts. Spending most of her life in the country and western setting allows her to develop and styles to meet all needs. She has been around the racing industry and riding horses most of her life and knows which styles will work in each environment.

Rylee, while she may be the youngest one on the team, is one of the most vital contributors. Rylee started working for The Glitzy Cowgirl in May 2020 and has grown to hold the assistant manager title here in the store. Rylee is in charge of pricing, making sure everything runs smoothly and doing a lot of behind-the-scenes organizational skills. Rylee is currently attending school and hoping to graduate in 2023.  Rylee has lots of experience with fashion. Her love for clothing and design started a very early age of about three. She is involved in showing livestock and is currently showing Black Hereford‘s in Henderson County under the direction of her family.

Roddy is more of a behind the scenes guy that you may never actually see in front of the camera or in the store. He handles all the heavy lifting for the store. If something needs to be relocated, moved, painted, or fixed Roddy is our guy. Roddy handles a lot of the men product selections and is a great persuader of new caps and cologne. 

Krista is also the one who comes running in a pinch she may open the store or travel to shows. Krista has been known to get in front of the camera and join in on the fun during the lives. Krista is actually Donna’s daughter and plans on returning to college to finish her agricultural science degree. Krista has spent the majority of her life riding horses and showing livestock including both heifers and other market animals. Krista is one of the biggest contributors in bringing in new kids items and making sure that we have a well rounded inventory  

When the Glitzy Cowgirl first started we sold a few pieces of jewelry and have grown into a men’s, women’s and children’s boutique that can handle just about all of your needs. We do offer custom tumblers and T-shirts; feel free to reach out and get more information. Tyler is soon to be offering custom leather items and would love input and suggestions on what you would like to see.